Sunday 22 April 2018

Digital Dice: Surfing the Snapchat Wave

Surfing organization rides the Snapchat wave, the six types of Twitter conversation and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Surfing Organization Rides the Snapchat Wave

As Snapchat continues to gain popularity, some brands have been slower than others to leverage the app. The Association of Surfing Professionals, however, is riding its crest. The Association activates several strategies to engage with its ever-increasing fan base, including real-time updates on big swells and renowned competitions. In addition to using athletes all over the world to document major waves, ASP also launched a campaign with 2013 ASP Rookie of the Year, Nat Young, who replied to snaps from fans with digitally autographed selfies. Since launching its account in December, ASP has gained 9,000 followers.

What’s WhatsApp and Why Did Facebook Pay $16 Billion for It?

Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp, an app with 450M monthly active mobile users (approximately 37% of Facebook’s monthly audience). The app allows users to text as well as send images, video and audio media messages. With this acquisition, Facebook is able to expand its mobile messaging capabilities and enter into the market that has been previously dominated by mobile carriers.

The Six Types of Twitter Conversation

Pew Research, in partnership with Social Media Research, has released a study about different types of Twitter conversation. After deep analysis, they identified six different conversational archetypes and created an infographic to describe each archetype and explain how they are shaped by topics and people. See the full study here.

LinkedIn Opens Publishing Power to All Users

LinkedIn expanded its publishing platform to allow all users the opportunity to write and share long form posts to their LinkedIn profiles. Previously only available to select influences, all users will now be able to publish work to their profiles. The change reflects LinkedIn’s continued push to get more users reading and engaging with news on the platform, and LinkedIn anticipates a sharp increase in user generated content moving forward.

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