Thursday 26 April 2018

Digital Dice: Paper and Chatter and Twitter’s Data Turf

Twitter improves mobile photo editing options, Pinterest introduces a new Interests feature and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Twitter Improves Their Mobile App’s Photo Editing Options

This week Twitter improved their photo editing option for both iPhone and Android. The update offers new options to edit photos, including new filters, cropping and rotating. Additionally, users can now select existing tweets and reply with a photo, as well as easily mention other users when adding a photo. The updates come as Twitter begins to put a stronger emphasis on image use.

Facebook Announces News Reader App ‘Paper’

Facebook announced ‘Paper’, a standalone news reader mobile app that will feature content from 19 different sections including sports, tech, pop culture and “LOL.” Each section includes rotating images across the top and stories below the images. Users will be able to subscribe to specific sections, and all content will be curated by an algorithm that takes into account what the user is selecting and engaging with. To note, anything shared on Paper will also appear on the News Feeds of users.

New Interests Feature on Pinterest

On Monday, Pinterest rolled out a preview of their new feature called Interests. The feature will display topics linked to the interests of users, which then open up into more pins on these topics. The tool will learn over time what users pay the most attention to and will provide an additional option for content discovery. To try it out, go to Pinterest on your browser and select “Preview! Explore Interests” in the categories menu.

Facebook Steps onto Twitter’s TV Data Turf

Following the announcement of Paper, Facebook will begin to publish anonymized data about its 1.23 billion active users through a new program called Chatter. In partnership with social media television analytics firm SecondSync, Facebook will release a study entitled “Watching With Friends” that will detail how television shows are discussed on the site, along with breakdowns on demographics and other metrics. Facebook’s entry into the data market will likely create competition in a space that Twitter has dominated with relative ease.

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