Tuesday 24 April 2018

Digital Dice: Twitter Ad Targeting

Twitter’s recent updates in ad targeting, Tumblr’s new @Mention notifications and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Twitter is Catching Up to Facebook in Ad Targeting

After a recent update, advertisers can now target users through both their Twitter IDs and/or email addresses, similar to targeting on Facebook. With access to email addresses, brands can now execute CRM messaging and target users already in their existing loyalty programs with Promoted Tweets.

Tumblr Introduces @Mentions for Users

Microblogging platform Tumblr has unrolled a capability allowing users to directly mention others. Much like on Twitter, Tumblr users can address people by using the @ symbol and a username, which enables a drop-down menu for selection. Once mentioned, Tumblr will send notifications to the recipient’s dashboard and activity page. While mentions were only a hidden feature before, the notifications are an entirely new feature. Along with preexisting hashtag use, the rollout is intended to elevate the platform as a social network.

LinkedIn Adds Search for Volunteer Opportunities

Building on the skills and interests of its users, LinkedIn unveiled a Volunteer Marketplace this week after more than 600,000 users expressed interest over the last six months. Launching with 500 postings, the marketplace enables interested users to search for volunteer opportunities based on required skills. Although the new feature is not included as a search option, openings posted by organizations will also be featured in the ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In’ emails and tabs.

Like A Digital Mount Rushmore, This Wall Can Morph Into the Shape of Your Face

As the Sochi Winter Olympics near, an interactive display designed by Asif Khan is also coming to life. Khan, who designed the Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion for the London games in 2012, revealed plans for a digital pavilion façade. Visitors who have the various angles of their faces photographed will then appear as a 3D image on the pavilion’s façade. Using mobile telecommunications operator MegaFon, the image details are fed to the walls of the building and any number of 10,000 rods extend underneath fabric to create each individual’s face. Each participant will receive an email notification when their 25-foot-tall face is displayed for 20 seconds.

Facebook Officially Launches ‘Trending’

Facebook has been testing a trending feature similar to Twitter’s trending topics, but the social network announced Thursday that it will start rolling it out for users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Australia. The product will be available on the web and will appear on desktop versions of the News Feed as a list to the right side of the home feed. Facebook is still testing ‘trending’ on mobile.

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