Tuesday 24 April 2018

Digital Dice: Cyber Monday’s Impact on Pinterest

Cyber Monday’s impact on Pinterest, a tasty campaign from Skittles, and more of the latest updates in social.

On Cyber Monday, Pinterest More Than Tripled the Revenue Sent To Online Retailers
As Pinterest ventures into the advertising world, there has been more pressure for the platform to prove its worth. Data from Piquora unveiled that Pinterest doubled the revenue sent to retailers on Black Friday, and tripled it on Cyber Monday (compared with the 30-day average leading up to Thanksgiving.) Piqora found that actual visits to Pinterest over this time period remained fairly steady, sighting that users are more in “buying mode” during this time, which contributed to the large increase in revenue across the board.

Want 1 Million Skittles Delivered to Your House? Of Course You Do
Skittles recently tapped the video-sharing movement as the source of its Get Skittles Rich promotion in Canada. Launched by fictional spokes-character and Skittle Millionaire Danny Falcon, the campaign promotes a pyramid scheme, in which participants are required to reshare a video. After registering with the microsite, users collect virtual skittles for each time the original video is shared through their channels. The lucky winner, announced on December 10th, will receive one million Skittles delivered directly to his or her door and live Skittles Rich like Danny Falcon.

Facebook Adds More “News” to News Feed
Facebook has tweaked its news feed algorithm to expose more links to articles from media organizations. The goal of this change is to entice publishers to post additional content to Facebook and increase referral traffic on the platform. This move will be particularly evident on mobile devices and puts Facebook in a position to be more relevant to current events, which in the past has been dominated by Twitter. Additionally, this emphasizes the importance of paid social to deliver non-media content.

Foursquare Brings Back Delivery of Location Aware Push Notifications
Foursquare’s mobile vision in 2009 was to capitalize on push notifications with an app that would alert users when they were near things to do, eat or see. Due to technology and adoptability, efforts were refocused and push notifications became an afterthought. Foursquare has now announced the release of a limited pilot rolling out over the next few months, which will deliver location-aware push notifications to all users across iOS and Android devices. The new alert system will also include visual refinements to place useful information in the forefront.

Slideshare Updates Homepage
On Thursday Slideshare launched a redesigned homepage, putting a greater emphasis on visuals. The key changes are much larger images and a more organized homepage, both which make it easier to find content. In addition, the redesign puts a greater emphasis on the users that create and upload content to the site. These changes stress the importance of having compelling visuals in Slideshare presentations and offer an opportunity for brands to more effectively highlight their thought leadership.

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