Tuesday 20 February 2018

Digital Dice: Pinterest Place Pins

Twitter removes new direct messaging feature, ‘Place Pins’ are introduced on Pinterest and more of the latest social news of the week.

Twitter Quietly Removes Feature for Some That Lets You Receive DMs from Any Follower

Twitter recently removed the ability for users to send direct messages to any follower. The move reverses the previous platform change that made brand ambassadors and community managers jump for joy. The change is occurring slowly, as some Twitter users still can opt-in to receive DMs from users they don’t follow, while others can’t. In any case, brand community managers are going to have to go back to regular tweeting in order to reach specific users.

Pinterest Introduces ‘Place Pins’

Pinterest has launched a new set of features with the goal of helping pinners plan trips. Users of the platform can now create location-based boards, on which pins will include a map and other relevant location information. Pinners will also be able to keep track of their locations via mobile, relying on Foursquare’s location API.

eBay Marries Brick-and-Mortar with Connected Glass

In preparation for the holiday shopping season, eBay* and Westfield Labs partnered to develop three touchscreen storefronts for Sony, Rebecca Minkoff and Toms in the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre. Using ‘Connected Glass’ technology, customers can browse inventory and select items for purchase. When they’re ready to check out, the touchscreen sends the purchase information directly to their phone. The campaign, which runs from November 20th to January 12th, will potentially serve as a pilot for future retail stores in airports, train stations and anywhere else with glass.

Google Wallet Now Comes With a Debit Card

Google’s payment solution known as “Google Wallet” will let people use debit cards connected to their accounts. The seamless integration with Google Wallet allows access to cash in your bank account and funds in your Wallet account sent by friends. This new move by Google aims to increase the Google Wallet user-base and compete with their competitors.

*eBay is an Edelman client

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