Wednesday 21 March 2018

Journey of a Thousand Pins: Pinterest Releases Place Pins

An explorer at heart understands that an adventure can occur 10,000 miles away or in your own backyard. Before any adventure begins, a balance of tactical planning with a dose of inspiration is the first step. Yesterday’s launch of Pinterest’s “Place Pins” is bringing together the visual and inspirational elements of Pinterest, with the logistics of a detailed map.

Place pins are immediately available to all Pinterest users with a few simple steps. When a user creates a new board, a prompt will appear with the option to “Add a Map.” If the board will be featuring place pins, you can simply switch that prompt to “on.” Current boards can also be transformed into Place Pins by turning the map feature on, and allowing a user to map the existing pins from that board.

Pinterest boards featuring Place Pins will appear differently than other boards when clicked through, however, the board will not appear differently on a user’s account ( aside from a location marker on the top-right hand side), and the pins will not be marked differently in the live stream of pins. The location of an individual Place Pin will be identified when a user decides to click on a pin.

Just like current Pinterest boards, any Place Pin board can be opened up to collaboration, allowing more than one person to map out an adventure. The Place Pins are also available on mobile, allowing users to map out their location on-the-go.

The launch of Place Pins provides inherent benefits for the travel industry, but the possibilities are endless for a variety of brands, local businesses, national parks, and even universities. The University of Michigan leveraged the new feature to map out “must stop” locations for incoming freshman, and a separate board to track students studying abroad. Condé Nast Traveler leveraged the new tool to mark the “Top 100 Hotels in the World.”

Every single day we explore the world around us, whether it’s finding the best running path in our neighborhood or dreaming about a future trip to Europe. The new Place Pins connect our reality and dreams in the same format that Pinterest has laid the groundwork for since day one.

This launch follows the announcement of Promoted Pins and the release of Pinterest API. Pinterest has not released any details surrounding monetization of Place Pins, but it does provide an interesting incentive for brands and businesses to not only track where users are going and want to go, but how to entice them there as well.

How will you use the new Place Pins feature?

Image credit: tranchis

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