Wednesday 21 March 2018

Digital Dice: Halloween Campaigns

Digital campaigns get spooky, YouTube hosts their first ever music awards ceremony, Facebook continues to see mobile user growth and more of the latest digital news updates of the week.

Spooky Digital Campaign for New Stephen King Book Lets You ‘Shine’

A new digital campaign for the release of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep connects fans with Danny Torrance, the matured and iconic character in The Shining. Through a microsite, users can sync their smartphones to partake in the virtual experience, in which Danny takes over the browser to provide plot hints and story scenery. Using fan phones and browsers, Domani Studios enabled a user-driven adventure where Danny can tell his story and inspire curiosity about the novel.

YouTube announces nominees and opens fan voting for its first-ever Music Awards

This Sunday, November 3, YouTube is hosting their first ever music awards ceremony- live from New York City. Turning their ceremony completely social, nominees were identified from engagement metrics including likes, shares, comments and subscriptions. Additionally, winners will be chosen based on the number of shares on Google+, Twitter and Facebook from the general public.

Facebook: 48% of Users Are Mobile-Only

Facebook’s third quarter proved to be its most successful quarter to date, and its earnings report show that close to half of that revenue is attributed to mobile advertising. On any given day, 48% of users are accessing the social site from their mobile device. With its 728 million daily active users and 507 million daily mobile users, Facebook is approaching its tipping point where desktop will soon fall behind mobile usage and revenue, most likely by the end of the year. The incredibly popular Facebook mobile property, Instagram plays a huge role in its mobile revenue and usage numbers, which accounts for one of every five minutes spent on mobile in the United States. While daily active users on desktops are slightly declining, mobile usage is only moving up. Using this information, we want to ensure our content is consistently optimized for mobile.

Ahead of I.P.O., Twitter Alters Feed to Add Images

Twitter added photo and video previews to user feeds this week. The change can be found on both desktop and mobile applications, and was most likely instituted in order to increase platform use just before the company goes public. The microblog has resisted making significant changes to timeline in the past, mostly because it has wanted to keep its display as streamlined as possible. But if user feedback is positive, Twitter may decide to add previews to other types of links, such as articles and webpages. As always, there are advertising implications as well. Since Twitter only generates ad revenue when sponsored tweets garner interactions, the photo previews could help bring in more shares and replies.

Pinterest Introduces Related Pins

Pinterest is rolling out a new feature called Related Pins, which is similar to other social media platform recommendation features, such as recommended videos on YouTube. When Pinterest notices that you are repinning a lot of similar images, such as Halloween-themed images, it will start to show you pins related to those that you have pinned. Then the user will be able to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” the content, which will teach Pinterest to better serve relevant pins to user feeds. It is unknown at this point if it will be possible to track this feature or see the thumbs up/down rating for brand pins in the future, but for now be aware Pinterest SEO will likely play a big role in related pins.

Image credit: Gurney5

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