Wednesday 25 April 2018

Doing #GoodTogether with SeeBeyondBorders

Last year, we announced one of Australia’s top digital agencies, Design Royale had joined Edelman Australia. In line with the announcement, we launched the #GoodTogether initiative, offering an Australian charity 50 hours of pro bono digital work.

After some fantastic submissions from a range of Australian charities, we landed on SeeBeyondBorders – a not-for-profit development organisation that provides Cambodian children with access to quality teaching and learning at school. It engages Australian volunteers to travel to Cambodia to help improve the learning capability of Cambodian teachers. Volunteers also help build better schools and importantly, engage with communities to help children in rural areas get to school.

SeeBeyondBorders called on Edelman to revamp their social media presence and build their brand profile through digital. 

Using our combined social, digital and PR capabilities we came up with a few initiatives that we felt would benefit SeeBeyondBorders the most.

The key elements of our work together included:

  • The production of a short video to communicate SeeBeyondBorders’ key messages
  • Presentation training for the charity’s founder
  • Social media (Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn) banner design
  • Content training for SeeBeyondBorders staff (including social media content, photography and videography)
  • A Facebook tab to display key information about SeeBeyondBorders and the new video

For the video production, we followed the Australian volunteers to Cambodia as they ran workshops with local teachers and taught children how to brush their teeth and wash their hands. We even saw the volunteers work with Khmers to lay cement to help build a better school. Being “on location” was extremely valuable and allowed us to capture footage that was authentic and reflected the essence of SeeBeyondBorders’ work.

It was amazing to see the volunteers in action first-hand. The Khmer people are incredibly welcoming and it was great to see Australians and Khmers working together to help rebuild Cambodia’s education system.

Watch this space – we’ll be showing the final video in the coming months. – Tracey, Irina & the #GoodTogether team

To sign off though, here are a few things you may not have known about Cambodia:

  • Over half the population is under 21
  • Their internet is pretty much as fast as it is here in Australia
  • There’s free Wi-Fi in almost every café in the main cities & towns
  • Most new hotels have multi-plugs so you don’t need an adaptor to get your laptop charging!
  • Though still a relatively small group, there are a good number of Khmers who have smartphones and are on Facebook, posting and sharing photos
  • You may have seen some news about floods in Cambodia, which are a major issue – in some rural communities, schools that were flooded years ago are still being rebuilt today
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    What a great thing you’re doing! I wish we had known of it before submissions ended!

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    thank you for your intrest in public relations and teaching children hygeine, what a great media,thank you