Thursday 22 February 2018

Instagram Announces Advertising Product Details

As you may have read, Instagram released details on their advertising product earlier this afternoon. In their blog post, Instagram shares that the ad product will be a “Sponsored Photo” and the promoted content will appear in an Instagram user’s feed just like a regular photo.

Instagram’s focus is creative and engaging images, so they selected brands that are “already great members of the Instagram community.” The beta launch of the Instagram ads will roll out with ten top partners, Adidas, Ben Jerry’s, Burberry, General Electric, Lexus, Levi’s, Macy’s, Michael Kors, PayPal and Starwood.

Everyone who has an Instagram account will see ads from time to time. Instagram will use information on what you do on Instagram and Facebook, such as people you follow, the photos and videos you like on Instagram, your interests and other basic info on Facebook. The ads will be initially be shown to Instagram users 18 and over in the United States only.

Brand Implications:

  • Content Strategy Focus: With the launch of Instagram ads, there’s an even greater focus on high quality, on-brand content. Strong content, will also increase your likelihood of the account being discovered by non-followers, because your posts may appear on the Explore tab, which uses an algorithm to surface interesting content, or News tab, where people see that the users they follow have liked your posts.

Additional Resources:

Brands mentioned include Edelman clients.

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