Tuesday 24 April 2018

Pinterest and Paid Media: The Launch of Promoted Pins

After months of speculation, Pinterest has officially announced the launch of “Promoted Pins” (for a limited test group of businesses). However, it will not be long before promoted pins are available for all brands and businesses on Pinterest. As Pinterest starts to dabble in the paid space, there are a few important points to know on behalf of your clients and the general user experience.

Pinterest will be taking several notes from the format that has already been set by Facebook and Twitter. Essentially, community managers will be able to put money behind a pin in order for it to show up at the top of search results and categories.  The last part of the sentence is key because, as of now, promoted pins will not be displayed at the top of a user’s live stream of pins. Businesses will only be able to promote pins per categories and via search results. With the inherent focus Pinterest naturally places on discovery, this will work towards providing users the targeted information they are looking for, while providing businesses the opportunity to increase their share of voice in a specific category.

As with any social platform that has an inherent personal element for their users, Pinterest is focused on keeping promoted ads transparent and tasteful. This means clear transparency between paid and organic pins, while keeping the visual and authentic nature of Pinterest top of mind. This launch does not provide brands with the immediate ability to jump into the paid space, but as with any update, there are several actions brands can take to set the stage in advance.

This announcement provides the perfect opportunity to understand the various Pinterest categories. From Food Drink to Cars Motorcycles, the categories are limitless. Before launching into the paid space, determine what categories best represents your brand.


With or without an update, it’s always important to take a moment to reflect on making sure your content is relevant. While it’s easy to pin what’s popular on Pinterest, when launching into the paid space you will want make to sure that you’re providing the value people are looking for. While it’s very important that they see a pin, you also want them to repin it.

Finally, stay in touch with Pinterest. Whether it’s letting them know you’re interested in the paid space or you want to share feedback of your own.

How do you feel about Pinterest launching into the paid arena?

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