Tuesday 24 April 2018

Friday Five: Setting Up Effective Communication for Social Sharing

An entity that invites millions of global citizens to connect around their interests, fields of work or locality, allows only so many to stand out from the crowd. Writing is an ingrained aspect of the communications field and in today’s fast-paced society, there is an evolving stream of channels to choose from. To avoid getting lost in the shuffle, a clear understanding of effective writing will only enhance your individual brand as well as the communities around you, all while in the context of 140 characters.

1. Storytelling – Crafting a story rather than a message

Storytelling can be enhanced by searching for new outlets of inspiration. The rhythm and beat of music allows for better fluidity while crafting the story you want to tell. Being able to find creativity in your writing also allows for a better story to be told. Look among the important details of the five W’s (who, what, when, where, why) and pull out novel characteristics that make your storyline more full and intriguing to readers. Then use your story to fill in white spaces among the trending news topics to stay one step ahead of the client and industry.

2. Brevity – Effective, insightful narratives grab attention

Using social media tools, specifically Twitter, to your advantage allows you to challenge your writing skills. Twitter demands that the writer is not only unique but transparent and authentic, simply through the 140 characters shared within the platform. Being concise as well as consistent with your style allows you to craft a niche following and hone in on your personal, academic or professional interests.

3. Voice –  Building the relations aspect of Public Relations

The key to building credibility and relationships with an audience is through one’s voice. Twitter users are criticized for simply tapping the Retweet icon or pushing information around without added sentiment. We all walk a fine line between sharing our individual insight while staying true to clients and our employer’s brand. By challenging yourself to give added reactions to information found online, you are once again creating an overall theme to your handle and can connect with other followers in a more meaningful way.

4. Logistics – Focusing on the basics

The need for correct grammar, clear ideas, perfect spelling and proper word usage is crucial when crafting a message, regardless of the distribution point. Allowing your writing to be above and beyond logistically further helps to promote your personal and professional brand – and ultimately builds credibility.

5. Substance – Add value and go beyond 140 characters

While your next tweet will limit you to 140 characters, try taking advantage of sharing a more in-depth clip associated with your message. Include articles, images or videos to supplement the message. The Twitter platform allows you to take advantage of the massive audiences available. Honing in on the WHY piece of the five W’s will allow you to connect with more people beyond your established community. Using your unique voice to support what is being said will drive the reader to look beyond the tweet and further explore the article, image or video included.

What do you keep in mind when writing, and how do you transition that to Twitter?

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