Monday 23 April 2018

Digital Dice: LinkedIn’s Bet on Content Marketing

Check out a multi-platform campaign designed to bring people together over food, travel back in time to visit the history of mobile marketing and a handful of other digital news to enjoy ahead of the weekend.

The Future with Real-Time Tweets in TV Commercials is Already Here

Following the release of a study that showed six in ten Romanians eat dinner in only the company of their TVs, Coca-Cola launched a multi-platform campaign designed to bring people together over meals. With the help of MRM Worldwide, the beverage maker encouraged television viewers to invite friends and family to dinner via Twitter. Using the hashtag #letseattogether, Coke selected seven tweets to live stream during the campaign commercials and rewarded users with a celebrity chef appearance and surprise meal. Beyond inspiring a sense of community among Romanians, Coca-Cola increased its Twitter followers by 15%.

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Timeline of Mobile Marketing

This infographic highlights how powerful mobile marketing has become by looking at the evolution of the telephone from the middle ages to present day. Travel back in time and learn about when the first mobile handset was introduced, the first SMS campaign, the birth of the QR code and much more.

Facebook Offers New Data to Select Media Partners

Aimed at providing news organizations – and potentially marketers – additional insight into real-time conversations on its platform, Facebook has released two new search tools to select media partners. The first tool allows media to use keywords to search and view public Facebook posts. The second tool provides the same ability to search and view private posts. Rather than fully showing the private posts, Facebook’s tool aggregates data about the authors such as gender, age range, total posts and posts per minute. This allows Facebook to release volume data for private posts, while keeping the authors anonymous to respect privacy.

Why LinkedIn* Is Going “All-In” with Content Marketing

This week, LinkedIn hosted an event for global content marketers to share insights, inspiration and education. LinkedIn highlighted sharing compelling content that educates, informs, inspires and entertains can enable marketers to build relationships with consumers at early stages in the buying cycle. They also emphasized the importance of timing and sharing content when relevant, similar to the real-time trend being seen on Twitter and now increasingly on Facebook.

Mobile Video Less than Ideal for Advertising, Says FreeWheel

People are flocking to their mobile phones to watch online videos every day. According to a recent report from the technology firm FreeWheel, mobile video made up over 13% of all video views in Q2, but only secured 5.6% of the industry’s advertising views. Notably, video content is becoming shorter while ad length is increasing. This reveals a great opportunity for advertisers to develop new strategies for reaching users through mobile viewing.

*LinkedIn is an Edelman client.

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