Sunday 22 April 2018

Digital Dice: Simplifying the eCommerce Experience

Facebook rolls out embedded posts, Pinterest simplifies the e-commerce experience and other digital updates to enjoy before your weekend.

Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

On Wednesday, Facebook introduced the ability to embed posts made on the platform in blog posts or on websites. These embedded public posts will look just as they do in the Newsfeed and viewers will still be able to fully interact with them by clicking on hashtags or engaging through likes, comments and shares. This update potentially opens up a whole new audience for social, since brands will be able to share Facebook content with an audience outside of their direct social fan base. The feature should be fully available by the end of August.

Pinterest Adds Price Alerts to Turn Aspirational Pins into Purchases

As a leading referral source for online commerce, Pinterest is making strides to further simplify the e-commerce experience from the platform. Building on its “pin price” feature that displays the current price of a product pin, Pinterest’s new price alerts notify users via email of product price changes on pins that have been saved to their boards. The alerts aim to help consumers determine the right time to buy products and have already shown higher click-through rates to e-commerce sites versus regular pins.

Twitter Hotel Redefines the Social Media Vacation

While vacations usually mean unplugging for travelers, the Sol Wave House on the Spanish island of Majorca has incorporated mingling with other tweeters into what can only be described as the “first Twitter experience hotel.” The hotel leverages the power of social media with Twitter-themed rooms, drinks and a virtual hotel community in which guests can interact with each other. Interested guests must log into Twitter via a web application made available by the hotel’s Wi-Fi before they can begin sharing pictures, messages, locations and more. Hashtags like #TwitterPoolParty encourage mingling in the Twitter Party Suite and #FillMyFridge provides a new take on room service.

SlideShare Now Offers an Infographics Player

SlideShare has announced the launch of its newest player, which is made exclusively for infographics. While the platform has hosted infographics in the past, the new player optimizes the viewing experience and automatically detects this type of content to display in the appropriate player. For brands, this new offering is worth exploring as an additional platform to effectively share infographics with your community.

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