Monday 23 April 2018

Friday Five: How Community Management Is Like Brewing

Community managers are the brewmasters of creative social content ideation. Through real-time tactical decision-making, their role helps shape a brand’s reputation and keeps the community thirsty for information and engagement. Attention to detail, transparency and quality control are key characteristics.

Beer has four essential ingredients – water, malt, yeast and hops. As community managers, it’s important to focus on our own essential ingredients when content gets stale and the community is feeling bitter.

1. Hydrating Through Community Listening

Absorb and listen to your community’s voice on social media to keep your creative juices flowing. Keep drinking (water), and continue to share insights with your client to leverage new ideas. One fundamental social engagement best practice is to be transparent. By listening closely and engaging genuinely, community managers are able to maintain a trusting social community.

2. Seeding Creative Thinking

Get in front of the process. Creative thinking is an ongoing conversation that can be seeded in every client communication, not solely for a large campaign. Malt gives beer strength, color and body. Empower your creative team to execute a strong new idea, driven by community reactions in real-time. One way you can seed a new idea is to start by connecting with new creative thinkers around the office to support a new concept. It’s best to try a small test, evaluate it and keep moving.

3. Fermenting Creative Content

As the eyes and ears of the brand, community managers have the unique opportunity to be the catalyst for the creative content. Identify opportunities to capitalize on timely events and react quickly. Experiment in real-time and head to the creative newsroom to concoct a new concept. Integrate paid support into the mix and be prepared to optimize what is performing best.

4. Replanting Social Messaging

Social is ever-evolving and your recipe for the perfect brew must be as well. Identify ways to add flavor to your content. Take Adobe’s* “PS I Love You” custom post that generated brand engagement and was boosted by sponsored promotion. Creative brainstorms with your client can plant the seed for a new creative concept.

5. Pouring It On

No matter how hard or how long it takes to create a new idea, it’s imperative to oversee the process from start to finish. New ideas are good. New ideas that connect to an audience and change a behavior, add to commercial success or deepen communities are even better. Analyze any ingredients that unexpectedly go wrong and involve the team to leverage key learnings for the next time.

How will you brew up success for your brand?

*Adobe is an Edelman client.

Photo credit: Greencolander

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