Saturday 24 February 2018

Digital Dice: Creative Hashtags and Vine Records

The creative use of hashtags at the CMT Music Awards, smartphone ownership continues to rise, a nonprofit aims to set a record on Vine and more updates in the social space.

Hashtags in Bathrooms? CMT Displays #CMTawards Above Toilets

This year’s #CMTawards revealed more than winners, debuting an official hashtag everywhere from the side of the building to cups, seat backs and even bathrooms. Decals plastered to the Bridgestone Arena cleverly encouraged the 11,000 attendees to drive online conversation around the event. Using Twitter Tracker, the CMT social team monitored incoming posts and rewarded guests by selecting some of them to present on-air during the ceremony. Beyond Twitter, the hashtag urged viewers to join the social team in sharing content on Facebook, GetGlue, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Google+ and Instagram.

Study: U.S. Smartphone Penetration Now at 61%

With the continuing rise of smartphone usage, optimizing content for mobile devices will be more crucial than ever before, as mobile remains one of the main vehicles on which users consume information. Currently, smartphone penetration among ages 25 to 34 is at 78% while 18 to 24 year olds are at 75%. With the majority of millennials actively using smart phones, brands should explore how paid media campaigns targeted to mobile devices could enhance their marketing messages.

AIDS Group (RED) Aims to Set Record for Most Vines in a Day

Approaching the 32nd anniversary of the discovery of AIDS, (RED) recently launched an awareness campaign via Vine. The nonprofit, that drives donations for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa, attempted to set a world record by encouraging users to share videos that draw attention to the fight against the disease. Using the hashtag #REDWorldRecord, the organization aimed to set a record for most Vine videos posted in one day. Targeted at younger users who have embraced the application since its January launch, the campaign also featured celebrities and organizations that made their own #REDWorldRecord videos.

Twitter and $70B Communications Giant WPP Announce ‘Global Strategic Partnership’

In recent months Twitter has attempted to expand its advertising offerings with the acquisition of platforms such as BlueFin Labs. This week, Twitter made another move to improve these offerings by launching a partnership with WPP, a major global advertising holding agency. The aim of the partnership is to create stronger ad programs by leveraging consumer data. WPP and its agencies will be able to use Twitter’s data to gain insight into consumer behavior and target them accordingly with paid media.

YouTube’s New One Channel Design

June 5th marks the first day of the all-inclusive roll out of YouTube’s One Channel design. The new channel design was created to streamline usage across multiple devices and potentially help channels gain subscribers and overall channel visits. Note that YouTube has experienced an increase in new subscribers across the site over the last several weeks, which is something for brands to be aware of when looking at YouTube Analytics.

Image credit: @Doug88888

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