Tuesday 24 April 2018

Pinterest, Now Rich with Pinformation

Pinterest has always been defined in a visual manner, but Pinterest recently took the next step of making specific pins even richer with information.  Appropriately titled as “rich pins”, they provide the information users are immediately interested in directly below the pin.  The update is currently only available in three defined categories, Products, Recipes and Movies, with each topic bringing their own wealth of knowledge to the table.

What’s to discover?

  • Products – Discover if a product is in stock and how much it costs.  This is updated consistently, bringing you the most current updates.
  • Recipes – You can now find all of the ingredients you will need for a recipe directly below the pin. In addition to ingredients you can find the serving size, dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) and cooking time.
  • Movies – On movie pins you can now find the cast, movie ratings and reviews to discover more about the movies that appeal to you.

While this new update is important from both a user and brand perspective, there are a few implications to keep in mind as this new feature unfolds.

The “Rich” Impact

  • Referral Traffic – With this new update Pinterest users will find more of the immediate information they want directly on the platform. While this could immediately be thought of as having a negative impact on referral traffic, it actually provides more value to this measurement statistic. The pin still only provides the immediate gratification users want when they click on a pin ( cost, availability, ingredients, cooking time, etc.) therefore the users that click-through to purchase an item or receive full recipe instructions are the more serious users who want to take the next action.
  • New Sources of Interest – Products and recipes have always been viewed as top categories on Pinterest; however, movie reviews have never been discussed as a main focus of interest on the platform. This new focus on movies could bring a new audience to the platform and create new opportunities for brands in the entertainment industry.
  • Food Bloggers – Within the recipe category of current partners, bloggers have a high representation. This highlights the influence food bloggers have created on the platform alongside brands. More often than not users are discovering new blogs and their recipes via Pinterest.

How to See it and Get it

Rich pins are only available on the most updated Pinterest layout and are currently being featured by select partners in the core categories. If you’re interested in submitting content from your site as a brand or blogger to become a “rich pin”, they request that you first prep your website with meta tags and test out a few pieces of content as rich pins. After that step you can apply for your content to be featured in the rich format, within one of the core categories.

Do you find this update useful as a pinner or community manager?

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