Tuesday 24 April 2018

Digital Dice: Vine Campaigns and Shoppable Videos

A hands-on Vine campaign, a new mobile app enabling real-time concert downloads and the latest updates from Google. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice and have a great weekend!

YouTube Finally Makes Some Videos ‘Shoppable’

Google is beginning to roll out a new functionality on a limited basis: the ability for brands to make products ‘shoppable’ in YouTube videos. Currently only Unilever*, a Google client, has the feature and is using it for their Tresemmé brand. With this update, viewers can click on the products which will lead to details and several retailers to purchase from. Google does not take a cut from the sales pushed from this feature, and the functionality is not available on embedded videos.

Lowe’s Embraces Six-Second Vine Videos for Spring Campaign

A number of brands have capitalized on the launch of Vine, unveiling movie previews and product teasers in tandem with more traditional advertisements. Lowes’ spring campaign, however, may have unlocked the key to making the platform truly useful for its consumers. The retailer recently released a dozen videos that offer simple home improvement tips, including how to remove stripped screws and rust from knives. Vine provides an easily digestible and sharable vehicle for this campaign.

Updated Google Maps

Google recently unveiled a new, more visually interactive look for Google Maps. Search results now highlight businesses in the area reviewed by friends, along with the most popular businesses, and users can click on a location to pull up an “info card” with more details. In addition to these changes, Maps now learns users’ preferences as they search for places, save locations and write reviews, and makes recommendations tailored to these preferences. Ultimately, these updates make the local search experience increasingly personalized.

Alt-J to Premiere New Mobile Footage App at London Gig

On Thursday, the band Alt-J introduced an innovative mobile app with the likely intent of discouraging concert attendees from recording shows on their phones. The app, named Soundhalo, allows users to download MP4 videos and songs to their mobiles shortly after they are performed live. Soundhalo is currently available only on Android devices, but it is expected that an iOS version will be rolled out over the upcoming months.

Google+ Completely Redesigned, Now Automatically Enhances Photos and Highlights Your Best Shots

Google+ has released a new layout redesign, making the platform more user-friendly and interactive. A main focus of the redesign includes hashtags, and Google+ will now automatically scan user updates to add relevant links and auto-tag uploaded photos. Another key new feature is “Auto Enhance,” a suite of photo features that will automatically analyze and apply tweaks to uploaded photos – adjusting brightness, noise reduction, saturation, color correction and more.

Image credit: Amy The Nurse

*Unilever is an Edelman client.

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