Sunday 22 April 2018

Retuning Your Brand Strategy for the Consumer’s Ear

Social media engagement is no longer simply about picking the right words to fit 140 characters. Engagement comes down to selecting the necessary elements that will not only capture a consumer’s attention, but all of their senses.

The importance of visual elements in social media is a new constant in order to grab a user’s attention, but how we engage with our ears is just being discovered.  The launch of mobile apps such as Twitter #Music and musicians themselves embracing social media, presents a new role music can play on social media that goes beyond purely listening.

Twitter #Music leverages the most popular tracks users are sharing across Twitter, via apps such as Spotify, and making them more discoverable. Twitter’s focus on the listening aspect, by making the song discoveries available for instant listening, provides an avenue for brands to build upon the other aspect of music, which is a deeper connection with the overall music experience.


When Alicia Keys arrived to the world of Pinterest, she focused on the platform’s inherent ability to inspire. She created individual boards for all of her songs that visually described the meaning behind the song. While this form of engagement creates a more intimate connection with an artist, the aspect of music itself has carved a place for itself on Pinterest.  Through quotes of song lyrics, YouTube links, and even images that remind users of their youth, a brand that can connect the overall feeling music creates with their message is one that will build advocates and not just followers.

Google +

Google+ Hangouts bring together friends and families regardless of where they are. However, from a brand perspective, it can bring individuals into your living room that you would never have had the opportunity to meet. ModCloth recently partnered with Neyla of The Lumineers to host a Google+ Hangout discussing music festival fashion. As a result, ModCloth leveraged a musical influencer to extend their point of view in the world of fashion and social media.


Similar to how music can capture the simple moments an individual is feeling, Instagram captures the simple moments in people’s lives. Artists have already caught wind of this trend and have started to use Instagram to promote album releases. The band Dawes recently released a new album with a song titled “From a Window Seat” and created a full site to capture user generated images of an individual’s view from a window seat. Rather than pushing their own message in promotion of the song, they encouraged users to share their own stories, resulting in a more unique and diverse experience of the community.  Brands can follow suit on this trend by thinking less about how they want to tell their story, and placing more focus on how their fans are telling and living it.

How else can brands use music and social media to share their stories?

Image credit: lambdachialpha

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