Sunday 22 April 2018

Instagram Launches “Photos of You”

Instagram today announced its “Photos of You” update. When users upload a photo to Instagram, they can now “add” people to that photo. When Instagrammers add another user to a photo, that user receives a notification and the photo will appear in the Photo of You section – very similar to Facebook’s photo tag functionality. Instagram will be adding the “Photos of You” section to every Instagram profile by May 16. With the rollout of “Photos of You”, brands have a new and exciting opportunity to curate and share photos related to their business – through the eyes of the larger Instagram community.

Brand Implications:

  • Make sure to adjust privacy settings on client Instagram accounts! This will make ensure no photos appear in the “Photos of You” section on your profile without approval. You can also remove yourself from someone else’s photo by tapping the photo, tapping your name and then More Options Remove me from Photo
  • Brands (and individuals) still have control over their own posted content – only the person who uploaded the photo can add people to that specific photo.
  • “Photos of You” is a great way to gauge brand affinity on the platform and to build brand advocates – think future partnerships, influencer programs, etc.

Users have until May 16th to get familiar with the “Photos of You” section before it launches on all Instagram profiles publicly. Download the Instagram 3.5 update to get started.

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Image credit: Instagram blog capture and the Verge

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