Sunday 22 April 2018

Friday Five: Ways Social Media Management Software Can Manage Your Life

Still organizing your planned social media content in painstakingly long Word* and Excel documents? Today, I organize my life with social media management software. Maximize your social media content management tool by using all of its features and don’t be afraid to push it to its limits.

So without further ado, here are five ways that social media content management software can manage more than your social media content.

1. Manage Your Competitors

With content management software, competitor data is at your disposal. Benchmark your ratings against your competitors for operational insights and improvements. Take a look at what types of content your competitors are using to attract your target audiences so you can keep your fans close and your ”frenemies” closer.

2. Manage Your Link Data

Find yourself frantically switching back and forth from your content calendar to to generate shortlinks? Your social media software may allow you to shorten links directly in the system when drafting posts. Once the link is posted, return to the analytics feature of your tool to gather the data or sort your content by link data to see which links generated the most clicks.

3. Manage Your Communities

It can be difficult to keep track of what your community is saying, especially if you work with larger brands that embrace global structures. Social media management software can be your best friend when it comes to organizing and sorting through the clutter. While you may be familiar with tools such as Hootsuite* that list interactions in a simple grid dashboard, other tools take that a step further. Expion, for example, allows you to “discard” interactions after you’ve read them so you are only reviewing new comments and updates—as opposed to scrolling through a running list of interactions. And if you have master brand pages that oversee multiple local pages, you can communicate publically or privately with the community managers of each page without sending emails or hopping on the phone. Go efficiency!

4. Manage Your Admins

Do you share your pages with other organizations? Whether it’s a partner agency, a customer service center or even a coworker, it can be difficult to collaborate. Assign your interactions to the most appropriate team member with a management tool, or claim an interaction so others know a fan comment is being tended to. Furthermore, fan profile features allow you to make internal notes about that one user who always posts spam to your wall or that one frequent advocate for your brand that you may consider rewarding in the future.

5. Manage Your Vendor

If you are the type that wants to get in the weeds of your work or if you want to cut down on the time you spend putting together weekly monitoring reports, take advantage of the real-time data your software already provides you. Many software teams will be more than happy to train your client (while you facilitate the call) so your client can interact with the software as you present data to them during your next meeting, as opposed to putting together another PowerPoint. The better tools will allow you to add restrictions on a client’s homepage so the client only sees the data and content that is meaningful to them.

What social media management software have you had positive experiences with?

*Microsoft and Hootsuite are Edelman clients.

Image credit: Sadie Hernandez

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