Wednesday 25 April 2018

What Does Social Business Have To Do With Brand Strategy?

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

There is a content surplus in the market today. There is an attention deficit among consumers. Consumers are influential and their lives are unpredictable. This is making it extremely difficult for brands to reach them with the right messages.

From a content perspective, brands need to think like media companies, because media companies are content engines. The produce relevant and recent content day in and day out. The content is omnipresent (meaning it’s everywhere) and internally, media companies are agile – they can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Brands can’t just turn the “media company” button on an expect operations to change overnight. They must deploy a social business strategy to make this change successful – people, process and technology. The rest of the slides focus on the content operations of becoming a media company.

Image credit: JasonBrown2013

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