Monday 23 April 2018

Clean slates and clean minds

This week Edelman is celebrating a change of scene. We’ve packed our bags and left Number 1 York St, trundled down the road and bumped into Number 24. I know it’s only down the road but the change of scene is just what we’ve needed to get our juices flowing and spark some excitement around the teams. We’re now located above the iconic Bavarian Beer Café, opposite our favourite bar Mojo Records, around the corner from some of Sydney’s finest purveyors of caffeine and of course right in the thick of the CBD’s shopping heartland.

In my line of communications, I’m regularly looking for ideas for clients around how people can live more rewarding and healthy lives and this change of scene has got me thinking about how simple changes in lifestyle can be great for your health and wellbeing. For me, the office move represents an opportunity to start fresh and clean. It’s something that I really thrive on. I love change and the squeaky clean feeling you get from starting with a blank sheet.

There are plenty of studies and surveys and academics and mothers-in-law who will attest to my change theory with their own approach but it’s well accepted that a change of scene or a change of pace can be good for you. We regularly talk about diet and lifestyle changes which can be tricky, but good and effective change can be much simpler than that. Today as team Edelman settle into our new dwellings, I encourage you to have a think about something you could change in your life, or even just in your routine. Try a new café, select a different person in the office to talk with each day, walk around the block at lunch, ride your bike instead of taking the bus – whatever. Regardless of what you do, remember the old saying about changes and holidays. I’m a believer in the essence of this message so if you’re around York St in the city and want to see what the change has meant for us, why not drop in and have a chat! Maybe we could be the change you need?

- Will Collie, Director Healthcare