Saturday 24 February 2018

Friday Five: Steps for Taking Social Engagement to an Offline Experience

Sometimes account teams stumble across the best brand opportunities outside of the mainstream. Imagine this scenario: Celebrity X gives an interview in a minor niche magazine, in which he or she mentions how much they love or have used product Y. The brand mention receives no attention on social media. For many brands, this might be the end of the story. But it’s these opportunities that can present the most fun and most effective ways to engage with influencers. Here are five steps for brand teams to turn a minor opportunity into a major social win.

1. Recognizing Opportunities

Even with the proper brand monitoring and alerts in place, some of the best opportunities to surprise and delight an influencer are when you look further than your Twitter mentions and the first page of Google results. You understand the persona tied to your brand the most, so look in places that are related but off the beaten path (like radio interview transcripts). Explore the web a little further and wider in search of an opportunity.

2. Initiating Contact

If a brand’s social handle contacted you, what would it have to say to really grab your attention? If you’re going to reach out to an influencer, the first step is creating genuine interest. Know what would put a smile on their face; wits, engaging questions and appreciation for their fandom are often good places to start.

3. Presenting Your Own Opportunity

After it is made clear that the brand appreciates that the influencer is a fan, follow up with the idea that the brand wants to show its appreciation through a special opportunity. Propose an idea that is not just tied to the brand, but that is specific to the influencer’s personality as well.

4. Planning Coordinating the Experience

At this point, you have been in significant public contact with the influencer, but the logistics about the brand’s offer still need to be discussed in private. To avoid annoying your community, it’s best to take the conversation about logistics offline. Most importantly, it will help ensure the privacy of the influencer’s information. Ask the influencer to message you directly, or if you have a publically available branded email address, ask them to contact you there. Once they reach out, you are able to confirm the influencer’s participation and nail down all of the logistics.

5. Follow-Through Promoting

It is important to ensure all of the brand’s team members are kept up to speed on the opportunity. If it is an appearance, make sure everyone on the team understands their roles. Ensure that one person is ready and able to document everything – quotes, pictures, reactions, etc. – to use for promotion across the brand’s channels.

What tips would you add for finding and reacting to social brand opportunities?

Image credit: FutUndBeidl

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