Sunday 22 April 2018

Digital Dice: Location-Based Mobile Ads and Foursquare 6.0

Brands targeting mobile ads using location-based weather, and a view into projected rises in social media ad revenue. Catch up on Foursquare’s latest emphasis on search and recent updates from Google+ and LinkedIn*. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice!

Brands Buy Real-Time Mobile Ads Based on the Weather

In tandem with this past winter’s string of snowstorms, Ace Hardware tested location-based mobile ads. Serving ads for items like shovels and de-icers, the company saw considerable results and made plans to buy mobile ads for gardening products when temperatures permit. In support of the trend, Twitter and The Weather Channel (TWC) partnered last week to announce a new weather-based ad-targeting product. In addition to Promoted Tweets from the TWC deal, other brands have capitalized by targeting nearby consumers through mobile ad networks such as MoPub, Jumptap and even TWC’s smartphone app.

Social Media Ad Revenue Expected to Jump Over the Next Five Years

A recent study found that social media advertising revenue is expected to increase from $4.7 billion in 2012 to more than $11 billion in 2017. This projected 18.6% jump will largely be due to the efficiencies around ad platforms on websites. Facebook recently opened its ad API to third party users, and LinkedIn also recently announced new advertising formats are on the way. It is clear that the race is on for the big social hitters to make their advertising platforms more simple and easy to use, as a substantial amount of profit is at stake. How this shift will change the look and feel of social platforms, is still to be seen.

Search is Front and Center in Foursquare 6.0

This week, Foursquare rolled out an updated version of its app. In the updated app, Foursquare has placed a search box front and center at the top of the screen, highlighting its local search capabilities and making it easier for users to find local places and recommendations. While the update helps to position Foursquare as a leader in local search, the company faces large competition from Google and also Facebook, with its local search offering.

Now Multiple Google+ Accounts Can Manage One YouTube Channel

Google announced earlier this week that Google+ pages can be linked to up to 50 YouTube channels. Future benefits to linking YouTube channels to Google+ pages include better video sharing across social channels and the possibility of YouTube tabs on profile pages. To link your YouTube channel with your page, log into your YouTube account settings and choose “Connect with a Google+ page (beta).” Currently, users have 14 days to unlink their pages after linking before the change becomes permanent.

Who Should You Hire? LinkedIn Says: Try Our Algorithm

Recruiters are constantly searching for the best talent, and LinkedIn has created new algorithms that may have a major impact on sorting through potential hires with a tool called “People You May Want to Hire.” This new feature will be available to LinkedIn customers who have subscribed to the company’s premium profile searching system, Recruiter. Currently, the algorithms require a human-generated base of candidate preferences, and identify prospective hires with similar careers, skill sets and education backgrounds to those of candidates that recruiters are interested in. LinkedIn’s project manager overseeing Recruiter, Parker Barrile, shared that more than half of job prospecting on the platform is influenced by what the algorithms recommend.

*LinkedIn is an Edelman client.

Image credit: @Doug88888

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