Tuesday 20 February 2018

Digital Dice: Tagging, Developer Rewards and Facebook Images

LinkedIn* finally jumps on the tagging train as Twitter rewards its loyal app developers. Meanwhile Facebook explains how to make your images shine and ReelSEO tracks mobile ads to store activity. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice!

LinkedIn Finally Lets Users Tag Each Other in Posts and Comments

This week, LinkedIn launched a new feature allowing users to auto-populate their connections in posts and comments, tagging them in the process. Members who are mentioned in posts will receive a notification, similar to Facebook or Twitter. The feature is currently only available for first-degree connections, but LinkedIn has made it possible to mention other connections by name when commenting on public posts.

Facebook Releases Official Image Sizing Guidelines

Facebook’s Developer Blog revealed image sizing requirements for app developers based on the new News Feed format. According to the post, 600 x 600 pixels is the ideal image size for the best user experience across devices and rectangular images may be cropped. Other restrictions include a 5MB/ 4 megapixel limit.

How to Get Your New YouTube One Channel Ranked in Search

ReelSEO published an article highlighting a few key tips for working SEO into YouTube’s new One Channel design. In addition to including relevant keywords in the channel’s title and “About” section, brands should consider featuring similar channels in their channel box. This will increase the odds of their content showing up as a suggested video alongside similar content. With the One Channel design placing a stronger emphasis on SEO, brands should consider approaching YouTube in a similar manner to their blog or website.

SMG to Track How Mobile Ads Lead to In-Store Visits

Starcom MediaVest Group recently partnered with startup, PlaceIQ, in an effort to determine how effective mobile ads are at driving in-store traffic. This new “Place Visit Rate” determines the percentage of users who have visited a store after being shown a mobile ad. By using location data to compile maps of stores and other landmarks, PlaceIQ is continuing to develop the ability to ultimately profile smart phone users demographically.

Twitter just gave mobile app developers an absolutely massive user-acquisition gift

This week Twitter announced a list of new features benefiting mobile app developers. At the top is mobile app deep-linking which increases the accessibility and connectivity of apps, making them significantly more web like. Essentially, users now have the ability to download mobile apps directly via Twitter. Developers expect this to significantly grow user acquisition.

Image credit: www.fabcafe.com

*LinkedIn is an Edelman client.

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