Thursday 26 April 2018

Digital Dice: Tumblr Beats 100 Million

Tumblr reaches the big 100 (million) as LinkedIn* simplifies its search. Meanwhile Google doubles down on real-time reporting and Facebook follows the forum model. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice!

Facebook Finally Adds ‘Reply’ Option to Comments

This week, Facebook announced a new feature that enables pages to reply directly to individual user comments. Rather than simply tacking comments onto the end of the thread, users will have the ability to respond directly below a specific comment. This new model will also prioritize comments based on engagement, bringing the most popular threads to the top of the post. Currently only available on the desktop version for pages with more than 10,000 followers, this feature will be rolled out widely on July 10th.

Google Analytics Updates Real-Time Reporting

Google recently updated its Analytics platform with several new features for real-time reports. The updates include an events report, content breakdown by device, a real-time versus overall data comparison and shortcuts to real-time visitor segment views. In addition, Google Analytics launched trackback and data hub activity allowing users to determine the significance of each inbound link. These latest updates speak to the growing need for real-time analytics across online channels.

LinkedIn Announces Upgrades to Search

LinkedIn made search easier this week by aggregating people, companies and jobs into a single, comprehensive results page. Additionally, the platform is offering suggestions through an auto-complete search feature. Other updates include changes to the search algorithm, automated alerts and an improved Advanced Search feature. With over 5.7 million searches performed on the site this past year alone, these updates promise to increase user engagement and activity across the site.

Tumblr Now Hosts Over 100 Million Blogs

Tumblr recently reached a milestone – more than 100 million blogs have been created on the platform. In addition to compelling imagery, Tumblr has also become a source for hosting the ever popular viral GIFs as well. As one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world in 2012, Tumblr’s success reemphasizes the importance of highly sharable and visual content.

The Data Behind 5 Big Brands on Vine

As Vine continues to gain traction with online users, certain brands have incorporated creative Vine content into their social strategies. This tactic has been especially successful for media and entertainment brands, which use Vine to share products, promote events and further build out their brand names. Analytics company, Simply Measured, digs into the Vine strategy of five major brands including: MTV Style, USA Today, Urban Outfitters, Rolling Stone, and GAP to determine what it takes to be effective on Vine.

*LinkedIn is an Edelman client.

Image credit: Swiss Bones

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