Saturday 24 February 2018

Content Strategy Round-up: Understanding Facebook Virality

Those who dwell in the content space hear this question many times: “What IS content strategy?”

(They also hear “Oreo! Oreo! Oreo!” a lot, too, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Content is as old as time. To talk about “content” is to refer to the ways by which people choose to tell their stories. So, at its essence, a content strategy is how to make certain stories are heard and amplified. A good content strategy enables content teams to manage messages effectively, meet business objectives, build consumer trust, provide something of use to the audience and assess new opportunities.

Content strategies have a pretty big job. These posts will serve as a resource for tips and tricks when it comes to the execution of a content strategy.

First up? Facebook Virality! How does it happen? What is it? What does Justin Bieber have to say on the topic? Be sure to click the link after the video for the downloadable infographic that summarizes the video’s big tips. It’s suitable for framing or just tacking up in your cube.

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