Wednesday 25 April 2018

Pinterest Analytics Connects the Dots

Pinterest has officially stepped into the world of measurement with the launch of an analytics component. Brands and businesses can immediately start utilizing this feature to guide their story, rather than control it. For instance, current images on your website might not being performing as well as images from five months ago. Understanding the audience’s story in this manner can have an impact beyond Pinterest. In the age of cross-promotional storytelling, figuring out the preferences and behaviors of loyal consumers can impact what they want to see on your other social channels as well.

The analytics feature is focused on providing brands and businesses the tools they need to build a successful Pinterest presence, specifically measuring the content that is coming from a verified account’s website, rather than an entire Pinterest presence.

With the new metrics feature brands can get a daily view of the number of pins coming from their site and the number of people who are pinning. This automatically connects the value of Pinterest measurement from site to pin.

A Necessary Piece of the Puzzle for Brands

When it comes to Pinterest, evaluating content from an “owned website” is a vital piece of the puzzle. The content that naturally comes from an owned website, without any additional promotion from the brand itself, is generally referred to as “organic content.” With the new Pinterest analytics feature, brands have the ability to track the content that is most appealing on their website, as well as on Pinterest itself. The key factors that brands can discover from this new feature include:

  • Who’s pinning their content?
  • When they are pinning it?
  • Who’s repinning it?
  • What’s getting clicked on?

In addition to understanding what’s being pinned from their website, brands can get a visual sense of how those images perform once they are on Pinterest through the “Most Repinned” tab.

The Pinterest Experience

The feature is currently available for accounts that have created a verified presence and switched over to the new layout. While this feature creates a new tool for brands to efficiently promote their content and engage with a loyal fan base in new ways, it does not alter the core user experience that Pinterest has created from the beginning. While it provides inherent benefits for brands behind-the-scenes, from a consumer perspective Pinterest is still a platform focused on discovery and inspiration. As a brand the number one goal is to be that source of inspiration and discovery.

How will you utilize the new analytics feature to guide your brand’s story on Pinterest?

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