Saturday 24 February 2018

Digital Dice: Google Glass to Twitter’s API

Want a free Glass? Google is all ears. Twitter follows Facebook’s advertising lead while running neck-and-neck with Pinterest. Meanwhile, LinkedIn* continues to buddy up with recruiters and including a link in your tweets may ‘cost’ you. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice.

Twitter to Reduce Some Tweets to 117 Characters

Character space on Twitter just got a little tighter. Recent changes to Twitter’s native URL shortener have caused links to increase in length by 2 characters. With Twitter sticking to its 140 character limit, this reduces the available character-space in a tweet containing a hyperlink to 118. That figure will drop to 117 available characters for “https” links. While other link wrappers will not be affected, this serves as a constant reminder for community managers to keep it short.

Google Glass: How to Get One

To unveil its experimental augmented reality glasses, Google is evidently turning to Twitter. In addition to shedding light on the product’s capabilities through the eyes of its users, the leading search provider has announced an #ifihadglass hashtag. Using this hashtag, Google+ and Twitter have been encouraged to state their case – in 50 words or less – for why they deserve a free pair of the otherwise $1,500 lenses. Aiming to reach “bold, creative individuals” (read: tastemakers), Glass’ leap forward from the previous “project” phase, promises to be an exciting adventure.

Twitter announces Advertising API

Twitter has finally announced its long-awaited advertising API. Similar to Facebook, the API will give marketers “the ability to work with [Twitter’s] initial set of Ads API partners to manage Twitter Ad campaigns.” The initial response has been positive and Twitter API partners, such as Adobe*, have reported increased follower growth rates, decreased cost per follow and higher levels of engagement.

LinkedIn revamping Jobs tool to open more doors for workers

As LinkedIn will tell you, it’s all about who you know. To help connect job seekers with open positions, the company has planned several updates to its Jobs tool in the coming weeks. In addition to revamping its job search feature, LinkedIn will allow users to see jobs at companies where they have a direct contact. Embraced by over 200 million users, LinkedIn continues to prove why it’s a recruiter’s best friend.

Social Media Users Say Pinterest Is As Popular As Twitter

The latest study by Pew Internet suggests that users are now pinning as much as they’re tweeting. While Facebook still leads the pack with 67% of internet users, Pinterest is now home to 15% of the online community, with Twitter slightly leading with 16%. Pinterest has been especially popular among women, with one quarter of female internet users maintaining a pinboard compared to 5% for males. This data further speaks to the emphasis that is being placed on visual content across social media. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

*LinkedIn is an Edelman client.

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