Thursday 22 February 2018

Digital Dice: February 11-15

And the award goes to: Vine. Learn how social media’s newest sweetheart was the real winner during Grammy weekend. Also, are you ranked in the top 1% on LinkedIn? Congratulations… you’re not alone. Meanwhile, Twitter aims to rank your tweets and Facebook is preparing to expand its advertising footprint in a big way. Enjoy this week’s Digital Dice.

Are You in the 1 Percent? LinkedIn Congratulates Its Elite Members

An email recently went out to a select group of LinkedIn users notifying them that they were in the top 1, 5 and 10 percent concerning the most viewed profiles. With over 200 million LinkedIn members, this amounted to over 20 million users however recipients were more than happy to share the praise across social media. The benefit for these users according to LinkedIn is that “the more engaged you are on LinkedIn, the better you will be in the job that you currently have, and the better connected when you are seeking a new job.” The leading professional network first started congratulating its users for high profile views back in March of 2011, when the platform exceeded 100 million users. Co-Founder Reid Hoffman also emailed the network’s first one million members to personally express his gratitude. How does your brand recognize its most dedicated fans?

Facebook prepares to amp up its ad war with Google with Atlas

Atlas Solutions, the ad platform purchased by Microsoft in 2007, is reportedly headed to Facebook. By combining Facebook’s endless user data with Atlas’ ad-serving and measurement capabilities, experts believe that Facebook is aiming to create a “one-stop shop where advertisers and agencies can, in bulk, purchase, sell, optimize, and track ads across the web.” The goal: dethroning Google – which is currently leading Facebook by 1% – as the leader in display advertising.

Twitter Metadata Change: Tweets To Be Assigned ‘High’ Or ‘Low’ Value

According to Twitter’s Developers Blog, on Wednesday, February 20th, the social network will begin assigning tweets a priority value of Low, Medium or High, based on content and engagement. These values will be publicly accessible via the API and allow developers to essentially surface the most relevant tweets. This may also assist in Twitter’s efforts to increase results when search for older tweets. Although Twitter is not disclosing how tweets are ranked, one can assume that engagement metrics will play a key role.

Five Ways Brands Can Use Twitter’s Vine App

The social sphere’s most recent superstar, Vine, is well on its way to reaching brands. Introduced by Twitter last month, the app allows users to create a six-second video loop, giving brands the ability to share easily digestible and visually compelling content. AdAge provides a list of potential conversation starters for brands looking to get in early including Vine-hosted contests and how to make use of the app’s geo location features. If a picture is a worth a thousand words, it won’t be long before brands begin seeing the real value of Vine.

Simply Measured Launches First Analytics Tool for Vine

According to Simply Measured, nearly 114,000 Vine links were tweeted during Grammy weekend, with many also related to New York Fashion Week, Carnival and the East Coast snowstorm. To capitalize on the video app’s soaring potential, Simply Measure has launched the first Vine analytics tool. The metrics include reach and engagement as well as geo location data and comparisons to other monitored media posts (such as Instagram or YouTube). Led (at this point) by celebrities and consumers, Vine’s content capabilities combined with free analytics, should make this platform a no brainer for brands.

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