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Digital Dice: February 4-8, 2013

Can users live without Facebook? Apparently, the answer is yes… well, temporarily at least. This week, we feature the surprising results of Pew Research’s recent Facebook survey as well as the social platform’s plans to follow you wherever you go. Meanwhile, Twitter hangs on to old tweets and LinkedIn quietly breaks records.

Most of Us Take Facebook Breaks, Then We Come Back

According to a recently released Pew Research Center study, 61% of Facebook users admitted to having “voluntarily taken a break from using Facebook for a period of several weeks or more.” The main reason, according to 21% of respondents? They simply didn’t have time. Facebook has little cause for concern as very few users abandoned the network in any significant way—by deleting their accounts, for instance. Moreover, there was no correlation between their lack of Facebook use and increased use of rival social networks such as Twitter or Pinterest.

Facebook’s Mobile Location-Tracking App

Following up on promises to create “mobile-first experiences,” Facebook is rumored to be developing a smartphone application that will track the location of its users. In a sense, Facebook already tracks user GPS coordinates, which are displayed whenever a user checks in to a location or posts content. The tracking app, however, would operate in the background without even being open on the mobile device. Scheduled for release in mid-March, this app will further assist Facebook’s growing advertising business, but is likely to raise concerns regarding consumers and privacy.

LinkedIn’s ‘Stellar Quarter’ Pushes Shares to Record Highs

With a 21% increase in stock price following the release of their quarterly report, LinkedIn’s shares have hit an all-time high, almost doubling in the past 12 months. The professional network’s Q4 profit increased by 66% and continues to grow following an influx of paying users and corporate customers. Now with over 200 million users (up nearly 40% since last year) and two new members reportedly joining every second, analysts anticipate a bright future for the company, but have expressed some concerns regarding over-valuation.

Now showing: Older Tweets in search results

Twitter recently announced that users will soon have access to a growing number of past tweets when searching the network. With search results currently restricted to tweets dating back about a week, Twitter promised to steadily increase the range of results in an effort to “surface the best content for your query.” Twitter will continue to analyze the number of retweets, clicks and other forms of engagement when determining older tweets to highlight.

15 Web Analytics Tactics for Social Media Professionals

Determining clear RIO is critical for social strategists and continues to be a challenge for analysts and marketers alike. In an effort to more closely connect social engagement with web activity, social analytics vendor, Simply Measured, now offers analytics on both ends, providing brands with a better understanding of how social media directly contributes to web traffic. Metrics include overall social traffic to a site, segmentation of earned traffic, and comparing social demographic data to website demographic data, among other measures.

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