Sunday 22 April 2018

The Emergence of the Social Business Command Center

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

I had the pleasure of facilitating a webinar earlier this week with Hootsuite’s Enterprise Marketing team*. The topic was the emergence of Social Business Command Centers. You can listen to the entire webinar below or read the summary by scrolling down a tad.

I start off talking about the emergence of command centers in the marketplace, mentioning the early adopters like Dell and Gatorade, who were some of the first brands to launch and publicize their command centers.

I then discuss how companies are beginning to realize the importance of deploying command centers, given much of the hype at the CES show.

I use the formal definition by Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group and then add that command centers don’t necessarily have to be in one physical space, but that they can also live and operate within a virtual environment.

I then discuss why a command center is important for business today. Much of us already know this but it’s worth repeating anyway:

  • Listening, obviously
  • Engagement, obviously
  • Building community – here I discussed Facebook’s Graph Search and the need for brands to continue to grow their communities. The more fans you have, the wider your audience. The wider your audience, the more likely your brand will come up as a connected page in Graph Search
  • Advocacy – basically turning friends, fans and followers into lovers of the brand
  • Content – using real time listening to create real time content based on the day’s new cycle and “what’s trending” right now
  • Product Innovation – I mention Dell and Starbucks
  • Document psychographics and demographics of the community, reporting, etc.
  • Customer support

The next part of the webinar, I give several industry examples of command centers in action:

  • Oregon Ducks
  • Cisco Systems
  • The 2012 Republican National Committee in Tampa Bay
  • The American Red Cross
  • Clemson University
  • Hootsuite’s 2012 Presidential Election Tracker

I point out that several verticals are beginning to adopt command centers, notably the tech, education, and government sectors.

I then get into the Command Center Framework and discuss the importance of having a set strategy taking into consideration the goals objectives and dashboard and technology requirements. I used the Social Business Framework to illustrate the need to consider People, Process and Platforms for command center deployment. This included building the right team, creating a social business center of excellence, create processes for crisis management and customer support workflows.

I close off this section talking about real time content creation and give a few examples of a few stellar brands who are killing it with their content – notably the Oreo and AMC Theaters exchange last year.

I conclude the webinar giving very tactical advice on how to build a command center using a 5 step process for deployment – discovery, planning, measurement, implementation and kaizen (or constant improvement).

Here are the Social Business Command Center Slides on Slideshare if you are interested.

*Hootsuite is an Edelman client.

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