Thursday 26 April 2018

What Pinterest Taught Edelman Digital

In March 2012, Edelman Digital launched a Pinterest account, with the intention of sharing our digital world in a visual manner. Over the past year, the account has flourished with digital trends, thoughts and stories.  As with any social property, it’s impossible to grow and improve without a dedicated community. Edelman Digital recently passed the landmark of 1,000 followers, and for every follower, repin and like we wanted to thank our community for their continued engagement.

There is always something new to discover on social media (especially Pinterest), but rather than always focusing on what lies ahead, sometimes it’s best to reflect on the #PinterestLessons you picked up along the way.  To highlight these lessons, we recently launched a board titled “What Pinterest Taught Edelman Digital.” Engaging on Pinterest has not only helped us discover key lessons for this individual platform, but storytelling across the board.  Take a look at a few of the pins for yourself:

Every pin features the hashtag #PinterestLessons and we encourage you to share your own pins with the hashtag of what Pinterest has taught you.

What social media platform do you learn from?

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