Wednesday 25 April 2018

Capitol Tweets: Election Day TweetLevel Rankings

NOTE: This is the third post in a special Capitol Tweets post-election series.

Influence scores are one way to measure success on Twitter. Sites like Klout and Edelman’s proprietary TweetLevel tool are often used to determine accounts’ influence and popularity, including for those Members of Congress who are active on Twitter.

As part of the recent TweetLevel relaunch, Edelman developed a specific page dedicated to the rankings of U.S. Members of Congress. How are they ranked? TweetLevel uses an algorithm to score Twitter users according to how influential, popular, engaging and trustworthy they are. The TweetLevel formula combines 16 metrics to determine an overall “Influence” score for the past 30 days, weighted on a scale from 0 to 100.

The table below shows the TweetLevel rankings for official Congressional Twitter accounts on Election Day 2012. The TweetLevel Election Day rankings were populated by household names as well as some less tenured Members of Congress. Many of these official Congressional accounts followed several of the Twitter Best Practices outlined in Edelman’s original Capitol Tweets study, including using hashtags, retweeting content from other Congressional Twitter handles, tweeting about specific legislation and sharing links to relevant content. Notably, all of the incumbent Members below who were up for reelection won their respective races on Nov. 7.

To see who is leading Congress on Twitter today, check out Edelman’s U.S. Congressional TweetLevel list. This list updates on a daily basis, so  be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

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