Thursday 26 April 2018

Pinterest opens a new door with brands

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest afforded brands the opportunity to share a visual story with an engaged audience.

But among the flurry of pinning, repinning and “Pin to Win” contests, the fact remained that there was no clear division of business accounts versus user accounts.

But that’s all changed.

This week Pinterest made a splash with its launch of business pages and a Pinterest for Business Site. This update will not have a visible impact on a brand’s current presence and strategy, though it’s an initial step to integrate brands and provide the tools brands need to succeed.

But…My page looks the same?

Pinterest’s new business accounts differ from the way Facebook, Twitter and Google+ go about handling brand pages in that they look the same as individual Pinterest accounts. Business accounts also lack additional functionality, except that brands are encouraged to verify their website domain, add the “pin it” button to their site and stay in touch with Pinterest’s latest tips for brands.

With the unveiling of business accounts, the platform added new terms of service for businesses – making it explicit that the use of Pinterest for commercial purposes is acceptable (without mentioning retail or advertising). Previously, the Pinterest terms of service read that usage of the Pinterest platform was licensed for “personal, non-commercial use.”

Future Developments

This update opens the doors for continued opportunity for brands on the platform. Brands using Pinterest from a personal account will be able to convert to a business account in minutes. And, accordingly to All Things D, Cat Lee, Pinterest’s platform manager, said “Some of the tools Pinterest would like to provide business in the future are around analytics.”

Where to Stay in Touch

The recently launched Business Microsite is a helpful go-to source for brands on Pinterest or those looking to develop a Pinterest presence. The site provides tools and brand guidelines, including new Pin It and Follow buttons and Profile and Board widgets, allowing brands to seamlessly connect their web presence with their Pinterest account. The microsite also provides brand case studies from Etsy and Jetsetter, as well as best practices and guidelines for brands.

Door photo courtesy of BigStock.

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