Tuesday 24 April 2018

#EatDownTipUp – a social media movement

Paull Young, Director of Digital at charity: water and speaker at the upcoming World PR Forum has collaborated on an initiative to provide relief to lower Manhattan restaurants affected by Hurricane Sandy. The idea is to eat locally in downtown restaurants and leave a generous tip, and share it by posting a picture of the bill online with the hashtag #EatDownTipUp.

This week the story has made it into the NY Daily News. It’s a great example of a social media campaign generating mainstream news coverage.

Paull Young said, “Eat Down Tip Up is a simple idea – we’re trying to fill the need for New Yorkers to try to help one another post-Sandy. This concept allows one person to make a positive action for a stranger, but thanks to social media has the ability to scale into a movement. Every small action can help as the city recovers from the impact of the storm – we’re hoping #EatDownTipUp can play a role in helping NYC small business get back on their feet.”

For more information visit: http://eatdowntipup.com/