Monday 19 March 2018

Passing the Torch: Hail to the Editor in Chief

I’m in my third month as managing director for our digital team in Chicago and it’s been a great ride so far. As I wrote last week, there’s a real convergence going on between content and marketing and this is something we take very seriously. On both these notes, I’m pleased to announce that Erin Shea, a VP on our Chicago digital team, will be taking over for me as our new editor-in-chief for In addition to her work as editor-in-chief, Erin will also help to take our content strategy efforts to the next level.

Before coming to Edelman, Erin worked as a producer for, the online destination for The Oprah Winfrey ShowO, the Oprah Magazine, Oprah Radio , Harpo Films and Harpo Productions. In her role at, Erin helped to launch social media embassies in support of the Oprah Show, as well as, in addition to assisting in content strategies for a variety of the site’s verticals, most notably, Oprah’s Book Club. Erin also led strategy and training for community integration at, as well as the site’s SEO initiatives.

She’s since been key on dialing up our content work with brands such as Slim Jim, which regularly produces its own content on a regular basis through the efforts of the brand’s community manager “the Sultan of Snap” in the form of visuals, on-location videos that include destinations like ComiCon and E3.

An early adopter of all-things-digital, Erin has been blogging since 1999, and her work online has been recognized by the New York Times,, the Chicago Tribune, Good Morning America, CBS The Early Morning Show, Women’s HealthShape,O, The Oprah Magazine and more.

I can’t think of a better person to be passing the editorial torch to—and you can expect to see great things here. So if you are a regular fan of what we do, both in our own content and the way we work with our clients, please join me in welcoming Erin as she helps lead the way on all things content.

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