Tuesday 24 April 2018

Beyond a Buzzword: Social Business Delivers Value

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

I had the pleasure of speaking at Explore Orange County. Below are my slides but here is a quick narrative of what I talked about. Slides 1 – 7 really just highlight a few observations in today’s landscape with one of the most important being that “Brands Need To Start Thinking Like Media Companies.” Despite these changes externally  business objectives still remain unchanged i.e. market share, revenue, stock price, customer retention, etc. Slide 8 was all about the social media “bright and shiny” object and I explained that companies (and their agency counterparts) jumped right into social media without thinking strategically about it. This has caused several business challenges (slide 9) i.e. employees inappropriate use of social media, disjointed content and community practices, global scalability of social media programs, etc. Slides 10 – 13 discuss and define social business. I was quick to explain that it really doesn’t matter what we call it (social business) but one couldn’t deny the challenges in business today. Slide 15 – 22 are tangible examples of social business planning and how it can be deployed today:

  • Slide 15 – The Establishment of the Center Of Excellence
  • Slide 16 – How the Center of Excellence Integrates With Other Job Functions Within The Organization
  • Slide 17 - Creating Approval Workflows For New Account Creation
  • Slide 18 – A Process For Expanding Social Programs Globally
  • Slide 19 - Social Customer Support Decision Trees And Process Workflows
  • Slide 20 - Building A Real Time Listening Center
  • Slide 21 - Content Creation, Approval And Distribution Workflows
  • Slide 22 – Operationalizing The Content Marketing Process

A big thank you to Jason Falls, the conference organizer, who is a really smart dude and a really a good friend. If you haven’t signed up for Explore Portland, I highly recommend you do so. It’s a great conference with great content.

Photo credit: pvsbond.

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