Monday 19 March 2018

Celebrating Edelman’s 60th anniversary – Sydney-style

The view on our Walk To Work day


The Edelman Sydney office has officially kicked off activities to celebrate Edelman’s 60th anniversary!

To mark 60 years of service, each office around the world is supporting the UN World Food Programme, whether it’s through professional PR activity, fundraising or corporate volunteering.

We’ve decided to go down the fundraising route, so here are some of the fundraising exploits we’ve devised for the next month:


1)      Team Vices

Each Edel practice needs to forgo one nominated vice until the end of September. Some of us are giving up caffeine, swearing, using PR ‘buzzwords’. Known messy offenders are being forced to keep their desks neat and tidy until the end of the month (that would include yours truly).

Each time we cave and give in to our vice, we need to donate a gold coin to a team ‘vice jar’. This has only kicked off for a few days and the consumer tech team is racking up a lot of cash very, very quickly!

2)      Edelman Rehab

Our resident caffeine addicts – Will Collie, Deb Hole and Don Takaya – have agreed to kick off two weeks without a single drop of caffeine. Keep an eye out for the video blog set to be posted in the next week – caffeine-deprived PR folk tend to make for good entertainment.

Each time they give in to their caffeine cravings, they’ll donate the cost of the drink to WFP.

3)      Edelman Walk to Work Day – 5 Sept

Yesterday we had Edelman Walk to Work Day! It was a beautiful spring day in Sydney so absolutely perfect for a leisurely stroll to work. Participants have donated what they would normally spend on transport to work – a great way to get people ready for the work day.

4)      Donate Your Lunch Day – 12 Sept

Next Wednesday we’ll be running a ‘Donate Your Lunch Day’, with the money we would normally spend on buying lunch going to WFP. Everyone who wants to participate will bring in a home-cooked lunch to eat instead (or in my case, a variation of tinned goods) 

5)      Donating our Weekly Groceries – w/c 17 Sept

Our office has kindly agreed to donate funds we would normally spend on bread, beverages, cheese and dips for one week to WFP.

6)      Edelman’s International Food Day – Friday, 28 Sept

We love to eat in the Sydney office so we thought we’d have an International Food Day with each team bringing at least one lunch dish from a country of their choosing. We’re a pretty varied bunch so we should get some exciting and tasty flavours in the office that day!


If you’d like to support any of our activities, feel free to donate to our official fundraising page. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!