Tuesday 24 April 2018

Klout vs Kred: Social Influence Poll Recap

A couple of weeks ago we introduced a poll: “Klout vs. Kred: The “Influence Wars” Heat Up.” Your responses certainly did heat up, and for that I’m glad. We got tons of votes and many great fill-in-the-blank replies.

Klout won this battle, which to me is no surprise, since it has the most exposure and media coverage. We had a few negative comments on the poll as well because of our wording of the Kred option. Here are the results:

We had some great “Other” answers. Many wrote in tools that we hadn’t included in the poll itself, like Traackr, PeerIndex and Appinions. Somebody even wrote in “Klouchebag.”  Others shared their opinions on the differences between Klout and Kred, like “Kred will be Business Enterprise Champ and Klout will dominate popular Consumer Business.”

Clearly there is a range of opinions on social influence platforms, with some of the loudest voices advocating against the accuracy and legitimacy of quantitative analysis of social influence.

Do these results surprise you? What do you think are the pros and cons of social influence measurement in general?

Boxing Ring image from BigStock.

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