Tuesday 24 April 2018

Friday Five: What I’ve Learned About Digital at Edelman

Why It Matters by Chris Rooney and Natalie Unger

There’s never been a better time to grow a career in the digital space. The landscape changes nearly every day and offers endless learning opportunities for young professionals dedicated to growth. The diversity of projects and accounts that assistant account executives work on at Edelman gives them broad knowledge and insight into this space.

Here are five key insights about digital from five of our AAEs.

1. The Power of AnalyticsChelsea Langevin, Seattle

“One of the most important things I’ve learned is the power of analytics to showcase a client’s success and key opportunities for growth in terms of online engagement. Use of analytics is key to refining your digital strategy and creating meaningful content.” -@CBLangev


2. The Value of Transmedia StorytellingDanielle Marone, Orlando

“The most important thing I’ve learned about digital at Edelman is how impactful it can be for our clients when focused through the lens of transmedia storytelling. I find that the best results are achieved when digital is integrated at the beginning of a project as a piece of the greater content strategy allowing everything to work in concert to tell a great story.” -@Danielle_Marone

3. The Definition of an InfluencerDiana Kelter, Chicago

“The digital world is full of complex voices, thoughts and ideas. When it comes to identifying influencers, I’ve learned that it goes beyond celebrities, top chefs and the next viral sensation. Every platform carries unique voices and contributors, and as a strategic digital member it’s important to always consider the various voices that are contributing to the conversation. Influence is not only measured by pure numbers, but by passion and talent as well.” -@DKelter

4. The Relationship Between Search and MessagingCasey Ernsting, Chicago

“Messaging in the digital space is often divided between two stakeholders: the human reader and the search engine algorithm. Finding traction with real live audiences typically entails different strategies than when appealing to a search engine crawler. My time at Edelman has taught me the value of striking a balance between these audiences and using internet algorithms to place messages within communities of engaged participants.” -@CaseyErn

5. The Importance of VisualsRisa Kleen, Austin

“A client’s message can reach a much larger audience through an infographic, video or image, resulting in more engagement with consumers, media and key stakeholders. For one client in particular, we built an entire communications campaign around a single image distributed through social media, generating 35 unique media hits and increasing Facebook fans by more than 50 percent. When you’re limited to 140 characters, a visual is worth a thousand words.” -@RisaKleen


These are just five insights from five AAEs across the Edelman network. What are some key lessons you’ve learned about the digital space throughout your career?

This post was compiled by Natalie Unger and Chris Rooney.

Young professionals image from Bigstock.

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