Wednesday 21 March 2018

Edelman Digital in 90 Days

This month marks my one year Edelversary in the Associate Enrichment Program, Edelman’s pilot rotation program designed to revolutionize the recruitment process for entry-level employees. In the Associate Enrichment Program, participants spend 18 months rotating across different Edelman departments to learn the business and determine long-term career goals.

As an Enrichment Assistant Account Executive, I recently had the opportunity to spend 90 days with Edelman Digital. In this time, I sought to learn what makes Edelman Digital unique, what types of offerings and expertise they provide the Edelman network and its clients, as well as what a long-term career could look like in the practice. The four aspects of Edelman Digital that stood out most to me are:

  • Collaborative Efforts: Most work intersects with other Edelman groups such as Consumer, Corporate, Strategy One and Media Services; I found it fascinating to see how Digital leveraged contributions from these departments to produce the best possible results for clients.
  • Constant Movement: Edelman Digital moves at a rapid pace – even in just 90 days, I had the opportunity to touch several moving projects, including four Social Intelligence Command Center projects, social business planning, developing a community management/social engagement program and more. New client programs and activations launch constantly, providing strong opportunities for employees at all levels of the department to broaden their experience and exposure to the many areas digital can impact (i.e., marketing, employee engagement, sales, corporate social responsibility, reputation and crisis management, etc.)
  • Collective Culture: The Edelman Digital group is packed with camaraderie. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to jump into a project and share their perspective. Most impressive is Edelman Digital’s ability to collaborate across the entire department and global network, share insights and expertise and work together to elevate client work.
  • Innately Innovative: Everyone constantly explores new tools, features and updates, looking for ways to innovate not only in the digital space, but in the entire communication landscape. The department often gets together to discuss advancements, learn new tools through “lunch ‘n learns” and develop a unique point of view. The Edelman Digital global network is incredibly strategic in how they share information and perspectives surrounding relevant advancements to understand the best ways to leverage and implement them for our clients and the agency.

In just 90 days, the Edelman Digital team strengthened my digital skills and helped me gain a stronger strategic understanding of the future of communications. My experience taught me everyone in public relations has something to gain by getting immersed in the digital/social space, especially with a group as dedicated and forward-thinking as Edelman Digital.

Image credit: phot0geek

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