Wednesday 21 March 2018

Edelman Launches goodpurpose® 2012 with Australian Data

For five years Edelman has run an annual global study that explores consumer attitudes around social purpose, including their commitment to social issues and their expectations of brands and corporations.

For the first time we are excited to present data for Australia!  To supplement the global goodpurpose® 2012 study, Edelman Australia has surveyed the views of the general population (sample size 1,000, General Population, Ages 18+).

The press release that summarises the findings can be viewed here. Here are some highlights:

Social purpose gets personal as people discover the “Me” in “We”

  • This is particularly true in Australia, where Edelman’s study reveals that the issues that matter most to Australians are those that impact everyday life:
    • Improving the quality of healthcare (74 percent)
    • Stopping violence and abuse (73 percent)
    • Crime reduction and crime prevention (70 percent)
    • Access to water (65 percent)
    • Large, complex and heavily politicized challenges like climate change, pollution and sustainable energy (42 percent), Biodiversity (27 percent), or Equality for Australian Indigenous Populations (30 percent), are far less important to Australians than the issues that can directly impact personal life

 Consumer participation in societal issues soars globally, however Australians are less likely to take action to support good cause

  • Only 48 percent of Australians say they are personally involved in supporting a good cause; Globally the average is 60 percent
  • Personal involvement in good causes is much more prevalent amongst Rapidly Growing Economies like China (94 percent), India (78 percent), Brazil (65 percent) and the UAE (65 percent)

 Purpose in helping to drive consumer preference: Purpose as a Purchase Trigger Grows 26 percent globally

  • 68 percent of Australians say they are more likely to purchase a product knowing that a portion of the money would go to a good cause
  • 59 percent of Australians are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t
  • 52 percent of Australians would help a brand promote their products or services if that brand supports a good cause
  • 36 percent of Australians buy brands that support a good cause at least monthly


If you’re as excited about this research as we are you can get more information from our website, including an executive summary of the global study.

If you have any questions about how Purpose can help drive reputation and brand engagement, please reach out to me.


–Michelle Hutton, CEO Edelman Australia


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