Wednesday 25 April 2018

Consumer Participation in Social Issues Soars Globally, However Australians Less Likely To Take Action to Support Good Causes, Edelman’s goodpurpose® study reveals

Although Aussies are more focused on social issues that affect them personally, they are less likely to take action to support good causes. In fact, only 48 percent of Australians say they are personally involved in supporting a good cause.  For most Aussies, personal involvement means donating. 64 percent of Australians say they have donated money over the past year to address society and community issues. 29 percent said they have donated time or expertise.

The global study demonstrated that personal involvement in good causes is much more prevalent amongst Rapidly Growing Economies like China (94 percent), India (78 percent), Brazil (65 percent) and the UAE (65 percent). Consumers in these markets are demonstrating their preference for Purpose across all facets of life including buying, sharing, donating, volunteering, praising and punishing. These consumers’ passion and action on behalf of brands stands in contrast to consumers from developed markets like the U.S. (53 percent) and the U.K. (53 percent).

Consumers in Rapid Growth Economies have much higher expectations of and engagement with brands and corporations on social issues.  Their passion and action on behalf of purpose and good causes stands in stark contrast to Australians behaviour. There has been a rapid growth of the middle class around the globe, they have a newfound level of purchasing power and they expect brands and corporations to take the lead on issues that matter to them.

View this infographic about how these “Purpose Bull Markets” are demonstrating their propensity for growth – in profit and Purpose.


View the full goodpurpose presentation here.

View the Australian press release here and the global executive summary here.

–Jo Osorio, Associate Director, Edelman’s Corporate Brand practice