Monday 23 April 2018

PLATFORM: I’m Currently Reading This Book. Maybe You Should Too!

Usually I wait until I’ve read a book before I start ‘pumping’ it up on this blog.

However, in the case of Michael Hyatt’s PLATFORM: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, I’ll make an exception.

I bought the book last week via Kindle and am in the throes of reading it; because of a special deal Hyatt had on at the time, I received an audio version of the book as well, which I’m listening to in bursts and am getting heaps out of it.

According to Hyatt, great ideas are no longer enough.

As the former CEO and current Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, one of the largest publishers in the world, Hyatt says he has met hundreds of hugely talented people with outstanding ideas.

Unfortunately he says, most of them couldn’t get published. Why? Because they didn’t have a ‘platform’.

But it’s not just authors. In the past ten years it’s been increasingly difficult for anyone to get the attention they need to succeed in such a noisy world. This includes:

  • public speakers
  • bloggers
  • recording artists
  • politicians
  • business owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • sales people
  • corporate executives
  • marketing people

“Basically anybody who has something to say or to sell,” Hyatt says in this video.

According to Hyatt, in the old days, you could stand on a small hill or a wooden stage to be heard – that was your platform.

However, thanks to social media “everyone now  has access to a virtual microphone and everyone is connected to everyone else”. As a result, today’s platforms are built of:

  • contacts
  • customers
  • prospects
  • followers
  • fans

In other words, he says, a platform is your tribe. People who share your passion and want to hear from like-minded people.

Hyatt must be doing something right. Today, his platform consists of:

  • 302,000 blog visitors a month
  • 120,632 followers on Twitter
  • 92,000 podcast listeners a month
  • 15,561 fans on Facebook
  • 50 speaking engagements a year

From what I’ve read so far, PLATFORM manages to thread together important topics and issues across the realms of product development and launch, social media and online marketing, and personal branding. Quite a diverse spread of topics, but Hyatt makes it work.

P.S. I also enjoy reading Hyatt’s blog and listening to his podcasts. You may like to check them out too. 

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