Monday 23 April 2018

Setting the Standard in Content Marketing (INFOGRAPHIC)

“First and foremost, we care about trying to get the stuff that people will really like – the good, the compelling content – in front of them.” – Matt Cutts, Google.

This quote – featured in the infographic below – says it all. 

Google continues to gear itself towards weeding out the crap and highlighting compelling content that’s of interest and relevance to people.

More than that, while being found online is half the battle for brands today, standing out from the crowd is critical, and a sound content strategy – well executed – will help do just that.

But with 27 million pieces of content being shared daily via the social web, if brands want to stand out their content needs to be of a certain standard. 

This infographic, produced by NewsReach in the UK, highlights what is required in terms of attaining a ‘gold standard’ in content marketing, including:  

  • insightful analysis,
  • in-depth and unique content,
  • effective editing, and
  • having the right tracking in place.

(Hat-tip The Content Strategist)


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