Tuesday 24 April 2018

The Big 6-0: A Word from Richard Edelman

The following is an excerpt from The Big 6-0, a post from Richard Edelman on his blog, 6A.M. The post discusses plans for the upcoming 60th Anniversary of Edelman and the Edel-alumni group on Facebook. Please visit Richard’s post for more coverage.

While it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our 50th anniversary, we are already knee deep in planning events for our 60th this October.

In addition to a terrific, company-wide pro bono effort focused on alleviating hunger and poverty, a special dinner in Chicago with my parents and some of Edelman’s earliest employees and clients, and a book on my dad being written by former Edelman employee Franz Wisner (current plans have the first chapter released in October with the full book to be released in December), a big component of our upcoming milestone will be connecting with as many members of the Edelman family who have moved on as possible.

Edelman’s alumni have been integral to the success of the firm and getting us to this point in our history.  They’ve also gone on to do some amazing things, both in our industry and elsewhere.

To help stay better connected, we have set up a Facebook group for our alumni and I hope everyone who has walked through our doors will sign up.  The group will provide a forum for not only sharing your Edelman memories, but also to keep in touch with former colleagues.

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