Sunday 22 April 2018

Campaigns & Posts That Caught our Digital Eye This Week

As always, there’s a ton happening in the digital space these days. Brands are integrating online and off with some dazzling results with an eye toward return on investment. Here are a few recent posts from around the web that stuck out this week.

What news made you go, “Oh cool!” this week?

Video/ Content

1. One brand that is very good at coming up with memorable, creative content is IKEA. This bit of guerrilla-style marketing from their Italian team is a nice touch: People bring Design to Life.

2. A clever campaign for Stop the Traffik in Amsterdam has proven a viral hit on the blogs, demonstrating the potential in a story with a powerful twist. Here’s the campaign in action.

3. Following the success of both the Magnum Pleasure Hunt advergames, the Amsterdam branch of the company have crafted a mobile ARG tie-in to exploit their popularity.

4. Viral Tracker have produced a nice infographic featuring useful stats and figures about social video.

5. A very clever stunt pulled by students at MIT involved hacking their building’s lights to play a giant game of tetris.

6. An interesting development in interactive technology: Perch have designed an  interactive projection display for retail environments. Here’s the demo.

7. Chevy* gets creative with a customised “Street Art Robot Car”.

Articles/ Opinion

1. For anyone interested in mobile shopping, this article from Mashable may prove useful: 7 Surprising Facts About Mobile Shoppers.

2. Fast Company discuss a recent study about creativity that was conducted by Adobe* (and features a nice bit of data visualisation in the mix).

3. Chris Hardwick has embraced YouTube and online channels for distributing his content. This article from Mashable investigates his success and gets his views on traditional vs new media:


This round up was compiled by the Edelman London’s content team: Jessica Cave, Jackie Cooper, David Fine, and Julie Dawson-Wills.

*Adobe and Chevrolet are Edelman clients.

Image credit: violinha

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