Saturday 24 February 2018

Who’s Who in the Content Marketing Zoo

Toby Murdock, publisher of The Content Marketeer and the CEO of content marketing software platform Kapost, recently compiled this useful list of the top 50 brands in content marketing (in partnership with ClickZ).

If you’re interested in the (fast) emerging speciality that is ‘content marketing’ and want to check out practical examples of (major) brands that are doing it well, then you might want to trawl through the list below. 

Absorb a good chunk of what these brands are doing and you’ll quickly gain a better-than-average understanding as to why the discipline of content marketing is a critical one for brands to understand and, if relevant, consider using as part of their marketing arsenal.

A tip – if you are someone who thinks publishing your own content online is all about you and your company’s products and services, then take special note of what these brands are doing!

Thanks Toby for sharing this useful resource!

Content Marketing and Small Business

FOOTNOTE: The brands listed above by and large are pretty big companies. If you’re an entrepreneur who runs a small but growing business, don’t be disheartened! From my experience, some of the better exponents of content marketing come from the smaller end of the business spectrum.

In fact, it’s often easier for a start-up or a small established company run by an active entrepreneur with a tiny but passionate team to create compelling content and distribute via social channels. Smaller companies tend to know their audiences well, and content marketing works most effectively when a brand is in-sync with its customers.

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