Tuesday 24 April 2018

How Anecdote Leverages the Power of Blogging to Generate ‘Warm’ Conversations and Hot Business Leads

In this video interview I chat with Shawn Callahan from Melbourne-based ‘corporate storytelling’ consultancy Anecdote; in particular we delve into how Anecdote uses a well-nurtured corporate blog to build awareness of the firm’s expertise, to educate the market and develop relationships with prospective clients.

Shawn started the blog in 2004 making it (you would think) one of the first corporate blogs in Australia.

Google ‘Juice’

Today, some eight years later, the Anecdote blog is still acts as the ‘engine room’ of the company’s overall marketing effort and provides the business not only with excellent Google ‘juice’ but also helps its partners to develop relationships with professional executives (read: potential customers) all around the world.

However, Anecdote doesn’t just blog.

Solid Traffiic

A monthly e-newsletter (‘Anecdotally‘), speaking engagements and whitepapers – along with the blog – form the core of the company’s content strategy, while Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all contribute along the way (listen out for his story about how Facebook delivered Anecdote a major multi-country consulting gig).

While Shawn knows the blog drives solid traffic to the company’s website, equally he’s not fazed by all the analytics, knowing in his gut that it – along with the firm’s other content plays – are responsible for helping the partners to hold ‘warm’ conversations with client prospects which in turn often lead to new business proposals.

About Anecdote

Anecdote helps leaders create and communicate strategic clarity by turning their business strategy into a story that can be told and understood by everyone in the company.

According to the firm: “We avoid powerpoint presentations and focus people on actually learning and telling the story in their own words, supported by their own anecdotes.

“Each telling is an individual expression of the strategy with a common plot and highlights so no one is left confused to what they should focus on. And the strategic story is just the start of changing behaviours to align with your strategic direction.”


Article source: http://prwarrior.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/04/how-anecdote-leverages-the-power-of-blogging-to-generate-warm-conversations-and-hot-business-leads.html

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    After reading through the article, what I noticed with Anecdote is that they’re really working to communicate with the people, while having this purpose of spreading their word out in a way that the people would easily understand. That has always been one of the main keys of keeping a business alive: communication.

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